Arbeitskreis Tourismus & Entwicklung (akte)

Based in Basle, Switzerland, the Arbeitskreis Tourismus & Entwicklung (akte, Working Group on Tourism and Development), is an NGO conerned with the implications of international tourism for the development of countries, regions, and local communities. It aims to inform a wide public about the impact of tourism on the economy, the culture, and the environment of host societies, and to encourage travellers, representatives of the tourism industry, and politicians to adopt strategies and forms of behaviour that will minimise adverse effects.

akte monitors current trends in tourism and produces reports, information kits, and educational material on various human right issues related to tourism and sustainable development. With akte operates a unique non-profit online portal providing tips and in-depth backgroundinformation for travelers, the travel industry, students and experts of development cooperation (in German).

akte – arbeitskreis tourismus & entwicklung
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CH-4003 Basel
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