Naturefriends International (NFI)

With 500000 members in approximately 50 member and/or partner organisations throughout the globe, the Naturefriends movement which was founded in 1895 is one of the largest non-governmental organisations (NGOs) worldwide. Its members are active in local groups and are represented in regional, national and federal associations. Naturefriends International is the umbrella organisation of this movement and is based in Vienna/Austria.

The focus of Naturefriends activities is on designing and implementing sustainability schemes for the environment and for the society at regional, national and international level. Naturefriends stand for:

Tourism with respect

The trademark respect represents the voice of NFI for environmental and development issues in tourism. Through respect, NFI aims to co-determine demand, supply and the legal framework for the purpose of sustainable development. respect seeks to motivate and enable travellers, companies and political decision-makers to pay attention to and counteract against ecological and social injustices in tourism within their scope of action.

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