Schyst Resande (S)

Schyst Resande (Fair Travel) is a network of six organizations – Unionen, ECPAT, Fair Trade Center, the Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union, the church of Sweden and the IOGT-NTO movement.

The network highlights various aspects of tourism and provides a holistic approach of sustainable tourism. The organisations in the network are all involved in Human Rights issues related to tourism and travelling but from different perspectives.
We believe that tourism can be a force for development in many countries – but that will require the travel industry to assume greater responsibility for sustainable travel, taking account of the social, ethical, economic and environmental effects

• To make people think before they travel and make active choices on destinations. • To make consumers aware of the conditions on destinations on an ethical, social and environmental basis.
• To have a dialogue with the industry for an increased understanding and knowledge of the living conditions in other countries and better travel offers.

• Produce information material, training materials, reports and organize seminars
• Educate ”ambassadors” (trained volunteer) across the country to launch local commitment and activities
• Participate in the TUR Fair and the Book and Library Fair every year

Schyst Resande
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